About Us

Pleasant Health Services, Inc
, known as PHS is engaged in the business of providing and delivering high quality health services to our diverse population.  Our story started back in 2001 when the co-founder of this company Kenny Haddad, lost his job  as a software engineering from Verizon due to the internet bubble. After many months of searching for another job in the IT industry yet without success, the young entrepreneur decided to use his nursing professional which he earned as a second degree prior to earning his graduate degree in Information Technology. The spirit of entrepreneurial-ship was always part of his upbringing in childhood. She, he decided to open his own business. In 2004, Pleasant Health Services was established.  We initially started offering flu clinics to small number of clients in Montgomery County, Maryland. In 2006 and 2007, the US experienced vaccine shortage, yet Pleasant Health Services had plenty of vaccines. This resulted in an increased demand for our service and our business expanded beyond the borders of Maryland. In the following years, we started to offer immunization clinics in Virginia, District of Columbia, Massachusetts, California, Texas, Kentucky and West Virginia. We now offer variety of services that include travel medicine, medical supplies, drug and alcohol screening, health wellness program, and training and certification services such as CPR/First Aid.

Our mission is to deliver to our clients, with a caring spirit, un-compromised safe care and excellent services at a reasonable cost. 

Our Vision is to be the leader in providing an integrated system of services to our clients and community without compromising the quality of care delivered to them. Our alliance with our partners reflect our core values and strengthen our position in the market place as we seek to maximize customer's satisfaction, minimizing their health care cost, and increase their employees productivity and morals. Our staff are specially trained in delivering the highest quality care our clients need. 


For a detailed listing of our services, click here, or call our office at 301-460-6372 and someone will help you with your questions and needs.