Our Mission

Pleasant Health Services, Inc. (PHS) mission is to deliver uncompromised healthcare services so our clients and individuals may value health as an optimum care to their well-being. Our staff endeavors to show our clients, through their compassion and professionalism, that we are a reflection of our values and principles.  We espouse and promote the following values in our practice of business:
  • To provide uncompromised healthcare services in every aspect of our business model.
  • To prevent illnesses, to save lives, and to teach safe care practices with a caring spirit.  
  • To be creative and innovative in our practices utilizing information technological tools in order to enhance the quality of healthcare services delivered to our clients.
  • To continue the tradition of our excellence in service that is of a unique value to our community and individuals.


Our Vision

Our Vision is to be the leader in providing an integrated system of services to our community without compromising the quality of care delivered to our clients.  Our philosophy is that each individual is valuable being and is entitled to un-compromised safe care,  optimum level of care, and good health.  Through our integrated system of health services, we endeavor to reach to our clients and meet their needs regardless of distance and time.