Corporate Health Wellness Program



Healthy employees means a healthier bottom line. Absence days, worker's compensation, disability coverage - when employees are sick, your business suffers. Pleasant Health Services through its Corporate Health & Wellness programs can help your employees enjoy increased productivity, improved morale and dramatically reduce health insurance and medical costs.

Corporate Health Wellness Program:

Corporate Health Wellness (CHW) offers a variety of on-site health and wellness services. (CHW) wide array of programs offers employees an opportunity to gain a morecomprehensive understanding of their health.


Biometric Screenings:

CHWs' comprehensive biometric screenings help alert employees to current and potential medical issues. These screenings often serve as a wake up call to employees, allowing them to begin preventative regiments to combat medical conditions like diabetes and high cholesterol.

Lunch and Learn Seminars:
CHWs' one hour lunch and learn seminars are presented on site by keynote speakers in the health and wellness industry. Topics for the lunch and learn seminars include nutrition, weight loss, alternative medicine, heart health, disease prevention and stress management.
Skin Cancer Screenings:
CHWs' skin cancer screenings act as employees' first line of defense against skin cancer. Early detection is key in the fight against skin cancer, and CHW's skin cancer screenings give employees the benefit of catching any possible cancer at an early stage, when it may be significantly easier to treat.

Our health & wellness screening program includes cholesterol screening, diabetes, blood pressure and body mass index screening.  To learn more about each program, please click on the hyperlink below .  If you need any of these services, click here to place your order.  Or if you would like one of our medical staff talk to you, please contact us at 301-460-6372.

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